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(Rebloggable version of this reply, per request.)

Well, here’s the deal, anon. The Salvation Army is an evangelical Christian group, and they impose those beliefs on the people that they employ and the communities they serve. Here are a few examples:

They are so opposed to LGBT rights that they have lobbied multiple times for exemptions from Federal and Local anti-discrimination laws, and threatened to withdraw their services. 

They refused to provide shelter to a homeless gay couple, unless they broke up and renounced their homosexuality. 

They refused to provide a transgender woman with shelter that was congruent with her gender presentation, instead insisting she house with men. She chose instead to sleep on the sidewalk and died from the cold.  

Speaking of gender, there was also this charming incident where one of their hostels refused to open the door for a 17-year-old victim who had just been brutally raped (or even call the police for her) because that particular hostel had a strict “men only” policy.

Children who can’t prove their immigration status are turned away.

The organization also disposes of any Harry Potter or Twilight related donations (rather than giving them to other charities), because they claim the toys are “incompatible with the charity’s Christian beliefs”. 

During the Bush Administration (thanks to ‘faith-based initiatives’) they fired about 20 long-time employees (Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Gay), simply for refusing to sign the organization’s statement of Christian belief.  

So, that—in a nutshell—is what’s wrong with it.

i will never stop spreading the word about how fucking shady the salvation army is

think twice before you donate to the bell-ringers in your local mall this holiday season … i am planning on starting a dialogue with the ones that are set to station themselves outside the store i work in

also one time i volunteered with the salvation army around christmas time being an “elf” and helping parents pick out free donated toys for their kids

which was all well and good until they ESCORTED TWO MEN OUT OF THE BUILDING BECAUSE THEY “LOOKED GAY”

this was a first-hand eyewitness account and i should have left then and there, but seeing as i needed to take the bus back to school…

And this is why I starting to donate to other charities around Christmas.

No more red buckets for me.

and theres also how in Australia they have teared apart native aboriginal communities to “christianize” them and make them part of capitalist western society, up until the late 60’s they assisted with the taking of aboriginal children from their families in the stolen generation and put the children into missions where they would follow strict pattern of work and christian education

heres a buttload more reasons too including sources for what i just said

reblogging again because of that whole “but salvation army is changed!!11!!” post circulating because people need to be reminded of the terrible shit they’ve done

Some of these differ from location to location. The Salvation Army in my city has tons of Twilight t-shirts

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